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There's got to be a better way

The Future of Productivity is AI-Powered Leadership.

Bad management costs the U.S. economy anywhere from $319B to $398B in lost productivity annually.

Lead Without Limits

You can’t ask your leaders to manage in the dark. Remote work is here to stay. How do you help your employees succeed when you can’t see them?

We make productivity visible through the world’s first standardized productivity score. And we give leaders the customized recommendations they need to strengthen their business and encourage workers to thrive... no matter where they are based. You need great leadership more than ever.

The Future of Work Is Suddenly Here

Leadership has always been a competitive advantage. During a global crisis that has scattered the workforce across the globe, leadership is the difference between merely surviving and thriving.

Maximize impact and execution today with AI-powered leadership.

It’s Time for Productivity Scoring to Get Real

The enaible Productivity Score is the world’s first comprehensive, normalized productivity score. Using your existing system data, we quantify productivity at the aggregate and team level through a multi-dimensional calculation of Capacity Utilization, Consistency and Quality Impact.

We deliver a seamless experience on mobile and desktop so that employees and managers can stay aligned in real-time.

Our AI Trigger-Task-Time™ algorithm is the key to accurately measuring productivity. A breakthrough at the intersection of leadership science and artificial intelligence, 
the Trigger-Task-Time™ algorithm simultaneously factors in complexity, sequence, internal and external factors, patterns, time of day, and duration to deliver the world’s most accurate productivity score.


Knowing Is Only Half the Battle

Even the best data insights are meaningless without action. Our Leadership Recommender™ provides actionable, personalized, and prioritized leadership recommendations. Powered by our AI, our recommendations evolve to help leaders from all industries better their best and drive productivity growth.

No New Data Needed

enaible was designed to run on your existing time-stamped system data. Skip the expensive data engineering projects.

We can have you up and running in a matter of weeks.


Proven Leadership Science

At enaible we are redefining what’s possible for leaders and their teams across industries.
Measured and Perfected Productivity
Our score empowers your team to achieve more. By granularly, accurately, and objectively measuring productivity, we radically transform an organization’s culture of work.
Multi-Dimensional and Effective AI
Our Trigger-Task-Time™ algorithm identifies the unique patterns of work that underpin and determine business success. Our AI captures the complexity of individual, nuanced productivity.
Personalized Recommendation Engine
Our Leaders Recommender™ provides ongoing support and prioritized, actionable recommendations for your leadership, so they can drive day-to-day impact.
Built by Leadership Experts
Our AI is based on decades of leadership research and coaching experience at the world’s most prosperous organizations.

Productivity is Just the Beginning

At enaible, we know you’re striving to build an impactful, healthy, prosperous business. Our radically advanced approach to productivity can help you achieve these goals and more.

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